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Image of Shanna Ivey
Extension Department Head
Dr. Shanna Ivey

Title: Extension Department Head

Office Phone: 575-646-4650



Dr. Shanna Ivey is a full professor in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences at New Mexico State University. Her faculty appointment is split between teaching and research responsibilities in rumen microbiology and animal nutrition. Shanna joined New Mexico State University in 2004 after completing post-doctoral work at Oregon State University in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Shanna received her B. S. in Animal Science from New Mexico State University, M. S. from University of Nebraska in ruminant nutrition with research emphasizing the use of ethanol co-products in feedlot cattle diets. After completion of her M. S. degree Dr. Ivey worked as a Clinical Research Administrator at Elanco Animal Health. She completed her Ph. D. in 2002 in ruminant nutrition with an emphasis in rumen microbiology and is currently the only rumen microbiologist in the western United States. Current research in Dr. Ivey's laboratory focuses on determining the effect of different dietary constituents including biofuel co-products on rumen microbial ecology and the subsequent impact on animal production. Also the use of secondary plant compounds as rumen modifiers are being investigated.

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College Associate Professor
Louis Bender

Title: College Associate Professor

Office Phone: 575-646-3326


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Judging Team Coordinator
John Campbell

Title: Judging Team Coordinator

Office Phone: 575-644-7467


Image of Doug Cram
Assistant Professor / Wildland Fire Specialist
Doug Cram

Title: Assistant Professor / Wildland Fire Specialist

Office Phone: 575-646-8130



Doug Cram is an Assistant Professor and Extension Fire Specialist at New Mexico State University. His research and Extension efforts focus on management of forests, rangelands, and riparian areas with a particular concentration on the interaction of fire within these systems. He received a BS in Wildlife Science (New Mexico State University), a MS in Forest Science (Oklahoma State University) and a PhD in Range Science (New Mexico State University). Contact him anytime to discuss and arrange a program to fit your needs.

Program Narrative:

Southwest Forest Management

Forests in the Southwest are ecologically important for their watershed, wildlife, and rangeland functions. Economically, forests are valued for the natural resource and recreational opportunities they provide. These functions and values are important to stakeholders who have for several centuries depended on natural resources for food, fiber, and shelter. In light of this multiple-use significance, forest resilience is of great interest to land managers charged with stewardship responsibilities. However, following a century of fuel buildup in the absence of frequent fire due to fire suppression, current fire regimes in many southwestern forest are characterized by low frequency, high-severity crown fires.

In light of the frequency, size, severity, and media coverage surrounding recent stand-replacement crown fires across the western United States, the pendulum of forest management has swung in a new direction. A new paradigm of restoration and fuel reduction management has arrived. The solution to reducing the risk of large-scale crown fires throughout the West is widely believed to lie in surface an aerial fuels reduction. Managers, an increasingly educated public, and students are interested the effects restoration and fuel reduction treatments have on fire severity, succession, hydrology, wildlife habitat, and even the local economy. Land managers are also interested and challenged in deciding how to allocate limited budget funds between post-fire rehabilitation and pre-fire restoration treatments. Increased knowledge, availability of information, and training opportunities to guide forest management decisions are desired and have been requested.

Craig Gifford
Extension Beef Cattle Specialist
Craig Gifford

Title: Extension Beef Cattle Specialist

Office Phone: 575-646-6482



Dr. Craig Gifford, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, started employment with Extension Animal Sciences & Natural Resources Department at New Mexico State University July 1st. Dr. Gifford comes to us from Oklahoma State University where he was a Research Associate in the Department of Animal Science. His major field of interest is in Beef Cattle Production with a focus on Beef Cattle Reproduction. He obtained his B.S. Degree in Animal Science from the University of Wyoming, M.S. Degree in Animal Physiology from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces and his Ph.D. Degree in Animal Physiology from the University of Idaho. He has served in education programs in Beef Cattle Production in New Mexico. Dr. Gifford was also involved in programs centered around profitable and sustainable management of beef cattle operations and has been involved in youth development programs. His research is in methods to improve pregnancy rates in beef cattle and the involvement of maternal immune system in early pregnancy in beef cattle.

Image of Robert Hagevoort
Extension Dairy Specialist
Robert Hagevoort

Title: Extension Dairy Specialist

Office Phone: 575-985-2292 ext 106


Image of Rossana Sallenave
Extension Aquatic Ecology Specialist
Rossana Sallenave

Title: Extension Aquatic Ecology Specialist

Office Phone: 575-646-6093



Rossana Sallenave is the Extension Aquatic Ecology Specialist at New Mexico State University. She comes from Canada, where she earned her M.Sc. in Biology at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Canada) and her Ph.D. in Environmental Biology at the University of Guelph (Canada). Her background is in freshwater ecology, and aquatic ecotoxicology, with special interest in invertebrate ecology. She also has considerable knowledge about aquaculture and aquaponics. Her research interests lie in the effects of anthropogenic activities on aquatic communities and are aimed at improving conservation and sustainable management of aquatic resources. Her extension goals are to provide education programming for New Mexicans on topics aimed at better understanding of watersheds, water quality and aquatic ecosystem health. She serves on the Board of Directors and the Extension Technical Committee of the Western Regional Aquaculture Center (WRAC) and is the WRAC representative on the National Aquaculture Extension Steering Committee.

Program Narrative:

As the Extension Aquatic Ecology Specialist, Dr. Sallenave's goal is to help New Mexicans become informed, active participants in protecting our precious aquatic resources. She specializes in aquatic ecology and aquatic toxicology, and also has considerable knowledge about aquaculture and aquaponics. She provides support, information, and educational programs to New Mexico stakeholders and resource users about aquatic ecosystem health, water quality, watershed stewardship, aquaculture, and managing aquatic resources in a sustainable way. This includes county agents, homeowners, master gardeners, pesticide users, pond owners, and aquaculture producers.


Western Regional Aquaculture Center

New Mexico Aquaponics Association

Aquaponics Association

Image of Sam Smallidge
Associate Professor / Extension Wildlife Specialist
Sam Smallidge

Title: Associate Professor / Extension Wildlife Specialist

Office Phone: 575-646-5944


Personal Bio: Range Improvement Task Force Website

Program Narrative:

Wildlife Management in New Mexico

People encounter wildlife at home, work and while engaged in recreation. Wildlife may represent significant opportunities and challenges for people. New Mexico's farmers, ranchers and urban citizens need information detailing basic ecology, human health issues related to wildlife, animal biology and management, habitat management, wildlife damage management and wildlife enterprise development. Further information regarding basic ecology, management and human health issues regarding commonly encountered wildlife is needed by youth and adults. Educational programs needed for urban and rural residents often differ in the types of information people need regarding wildlife damage management, wildlife enterprises, and wildlife ecology and management. Objectives of this are:

  • to provide wildlife damage management education and demonstration relevant to urban and rural environments,
  • to provide education related to diversification or income through wildlife enterprises, and
  • to provide general wildlife ecology and management education for youth and adults in rural and urban settings.

Image of Casey Spackman
Extension Range Management Specialist
Casey Spackman

Title: Extension Range Management Specialist

Office Phone: 575-646-3098



Dr. Casey Spackman hails from Northern Utah where he grew up on a mixed practice farm of beef, dairy, and crop production. Dr. Spackman attended Utah State University where in 2015 he earned a B.S. degree in Animal Sciences, and in 2019 he earned a Ph.D. in Rangeland Sciences. His studies were focused on Livestock Grazing Behavior, Invasive Annual Grass Control, Poisonous Plants, Plant Ecology and Physiology, Rangeland Monitoring and Revegetation Efforts. While earning his B.S. degree, Dr. Spackman worked for the Department of Wildland Resources as a Research Technician at Utah State University gaining invaluable experience on several yearly experiments in animal behavior and grazing. During his Ph.D., he worked for the USDA-ARS Poisonous Plants Research Laboratory, collaborating on several projects located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Dr. Spackman moved to New Mexico in the beginning of 2020 where he currently is the Extension Range Management Specialist at New Mexico State University.

Image of Shelly Spears
Program Coordinator
Shelly Morris

Title: Program Coordinator

Office Phone: 575-985-2292 ext 115


Image of Jason Turner
Associate Professor / Extension Horse Specialist
Jason Turner

Title: Associate Professor / Extension Horse Specialist

Office Phone: 575-646-1242


Image of Marcy Ward
Extension Livestock Specialist
Marcy Ward

Title: Extension Livestock Specialist

Office Phone: 575-646-5947


Major Programs:

  • Beef and sheep production / management
  • Rangeland nutrition, ranch products evaluation, performance and quality analyses

Research Emphasis:

  • Evaluation of on-ranch calf preconditioning approaches


Dr. Marcy Ward became the NMSU Extension Livestock Specialist in June of 2013. Marcy received her B.S. degree in Animal Science from Colorado State University in 1991, and her M.S. from New Mexico State University in Animal Science in 1993. Her primary research focus was in the area of ruminant range nutrition. She then went to work for Purina Mills, Inc. as a Dairy Specialist in Stephenville, TX. After three years she was transferred to South Central Kansas, where she worked with all livestock species. In 2002, she decided to return to graduate school. She received her Ph.D. in Ruminant Nutrition from North Dakota State University in 2005. She comes back to NMSU from Colby Community College, where she was the Beef Program Director for seven years.

Image of John Wenzel
Extension Veterinarian
John Wenzel

Title: Extension Veterinarian

Office Phone: 575-646-3019



John C. Wenzel, DVM is a New Mexico native and graduated from New Mexico State University with a B.S. degree in Agriculture in 1982. He attended Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 1986. In 1987, Dr. Wenzel moved to the Southwest corner of New Mexico and joined a mixed animal practice as an associate veterinarian. He then purchased the practice in 1991. Since entering private practice, Dr. Wenzel has concentrated on cow / calf medicine and preventative health programs for producers in SW New Mexico. Dr. Wenzel retired from full time veterinary practice in 2012 and in 2006 Dr. Wenzel joined the faculty at New Mexico State University in the Department of Extension Animal Sciences and Natural Resources as the university's first Extension Veterinarian. Since joining NMSU, Dr. Wenzel has given many producer educational presentations all over New Mexico. He is the State Coordinator for several programs., including NM Beef Quality Assurance, NM-ALIRT and Enhanced Passive Surveillance. He also represents New Mexico on the Veterinary Medical Advisory Council for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. He belongs to several local, state and national organizations. Dr. Wenzel has been married to Dolly since 1979 and they have three sons and nine grandchildren.

Support Staff

Cecelia Marquez
Fiscal Assistant, Sr
Cecilia Marquez

Title: Fiscal Assistant, Sr.

Office Phone: 575-646-3325


Fax: 575-646-3164